Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If Kimber An Goes Silent in Cyberspace...

...it's not because she doesn't love you anymore.
It's because she's 'beached' on the sofa!
Good morning, Blog Buds! I'm moving into a time in my pregnancy when I'm increasingly more tired and uncomfortable. I will, inevitably, develop complications soon, as well.
And so I wanted to warn you in advance that I will be posting sporadically and may even stop posting for days, weeks, even months at a time. It all depends on how complicated this High Risk pregnancy becomes. After three High Risk pregnancies and one devestating miscarriage, I think it goes without saying that my husband and I are neurotically overprotective of Baby #5, and the only way to protect him or her right now is to protect me.
I won't divulge all the gory details of my risks. Suffice it to say, I'm forty years old and have a history of preterm labor. We work very hard to keep our babies in long enough. Besides the miscarriage, the earliest I've delivered was at 36 weeks. I think it helps that my babies are larger than average due to being happily married to a very large man for a very long time. Even my 36 week Preemie didn't need any extra help following birth. It's the pregnancy part that's difficult for us.
The good news is I'll have more time to read, which means when I'm able to get on the Internet I'll have multiple reviews to post at Enduring Romance and/or Young Adult Science Fiction. Also, please remember there are several reviewers who post regularly at Enduring Romance and I'm sure they'll do fine without me. If you're an author, keep those ARCs comin'! I need them now more than ever.
Checking email will be my priority as I become less and less able to log on, plus getting out this requested Full for MANIC KNIGHT. I should have that in the mail by this weekend. I still have two queries out for MK, but no way of knowing if I'll receive a response at all. I don't query agents or editors who don't respond to all queries, regardless, but an aspiring author never knows. You know?
I'll post when I can as often as I can. If you want to keep up with this blog and don't want to have to check in, I suggest you subscribe to the RSS Feed which you will find on the right hand side bar.
Thanks to all who've extended best wishes. We continue to desire your prayers and good vibes.


Madison said...

Just think....you know this is all worth it in the end! Hope this baby boy or girl comes healthy and happy! :D

Kimber An said...

Thanks, Madison! I've been through this enough to know it's all worth it in the end. In the meantime, I'm enjoying every little kick.

LoopdiLou said...

Don't you worry about us, Ma'am! Just keep you and that baby healthy :)